As part of the Transportation Sector, Auto Repair & Maintenance is considered and essential businesses, Spot On Car Wash will remain open during the COVID19 crisis. There are 16 Federal government essential sectors that should do their best to safely stay open during this time. The auto repair & maintenance is categorized under the transportation sector which requires clean cars to safely operate.  Our car wash model is uniquely situated to provide a safe method of keeping cars clean. Spot On Car Wash is a self service car wash that also has an automated express wash that has very little personal interaction. Our customers all remain in their vehicle and will be more than 6' from any other customer. We are taking even more extreme steps to make sure that you can safely keep your vehicle clean from COVID19. Washing your car is part of the solution.

Following all recommended COVID19 safety practices (social distancing, washing hands, not coming to work with symptoms, wearing gloves) and more.

We are also at this time selling hand sanitizer that we have been able to aquire.

Pay stations are disinfected and wiped down regularly.

Vacuums claws and pay station faces are being wiped down throughout the day.

Cars are one of the dirtiest environments people frequent:

It has been found that that Corona Virus can last up to 4-5 days on surfaces and that your vehicle is a very dirty place and needs to be regularly sanitized to prevent the spread of COVID19. Aside from being in your home we spend more time in our vehicles than any other place. Each stop we make has the ability to subject us to the COVID19 virus.  When we sit in our vehicles we tend to touch everything and transfer germs to other areas of our vehicles. , they touch everything which leaves the real threat of COVID19 staying and spreading to other passengers and users of the vehicle for days to come. Please be cautious and don't forget to wipe these frequent areas that you touch with a safe germicide that wont damage your interior. We can provide this for you at Spot On Car Wash when you arrive. People need to keep their environments clean from the COVID19.

We have the tools and cleaning supplies to safely keep your vehicles clean, just ask. Stay Safe and thank you for your support.

Essential Businesses to keep running during the COVID19 Pandemic

How to kill the Corona COVID19 Virus in your vehicle


Spot On Car Wash & Auto Spa is your Fort Myers Car Wash in Fort Myers FL! We are a state-of-the-art, Car Wash in Fort Myers, Fl with microfiber, foam and soft cloth, 100% (brushless) and an environmentally-friendly carwash in fort myers fl located at 15145 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers FL 33908.  Spot On Car Wash on McGregor Blvd is just across the street from Gulf Harbour. Our Car Wash is the closest auto wash to sanibel and the closest auto wash near fort myers beach. We offer several different services & wash options at our McGregor Car Wash.

Looking for a car wash in fort myers? Visit Spot On Car Wash on McGregor Blvd.  Our Fort Myers Car Wash offers a variety of washing services for cars and trucks. Not only do we offer car wash services and 4 bays for self service washing 24/7, we also offer full interior detailing and headlight reconditioning services at our McGregor Car Wash location in Ft Myers Fl.


Our automatic conveyor car wash in fort myers service offers the best value car wash in fort myers. We are the ONLY Express car wash in Fort Myers that towel drys your vehicle upon exit! Spot On Car Wash is also the only Fort Myers Car Wash that offers both an automatic car wash and self serve washes for the DIY in YOU 24/7.


Our wash packages range from $8.00 - $20.00 and can provide HOT Wax by Simoniz and Tire Shine automatically so that you dont need to worry about a spot being missed. Our Fort Myers self serve car wash is only 2.00 to start and gives you 4 minutes of time to get your ride clean.


Spot On Car Wash & Auto Spa is a brushless wash system. We use a microfiber wash system and foam to gently clean the paint surface of your vehicle, cleaning it safely and thoroughly.  Our Fort Myers Car Wash can clean vehicles as small as a smart car and as large as a limousine. Whether your vehicle is slightly dusty or downright grimy, Spot On Car Wash & Auto Spa is the car wash to go in Fort Myers. We care about customer satisfaction, if you don’t feel satisfied with a service, we will clean your car until it's clean, shiny and dry!


Our ft myers car wash location even offers a 24 Hour Rain Guarantee on many of our car wash options. Did you know that after before it rains it is actually a great time to wash your car? The flow of water  helps to keep contaminants, such as dust, diesel, pollen, bird droppings, and other debris, from sticking to your vehicle’s finish. Just bring your receipt as proof of purchase and you’ll have up to 24 hours after it rains to visit us and we’ll re-wash your vehicle for FREE!

Bring your vehicle to us soon for a professional Fort Myers car wash. You may want to add on our car detailing services or use our self-serve interior vacuum too.

Our online store is coming soon! you'll be able to purchase gift cards, pre-paid washes & unlimited wash plans. Join our loyalty program and earn free car washes!

Learn how our fort myers car wash located on McGregor Blvd removes stains from auto interiors.

Spot On Car Wash is a Finalist for the Best Car Wash in LEE County by Gulfshore Life for 2018