Spot On Polish for Mild Scuffing

Spot On HD Polish 2 is a heavy paint cleaner that starts heavy and breaks down to a polish as you work it to bring shine back to the paint. It is a kick butt automotive paint correction surface cleaner. This product will remove fingernail marks, scratches (that can't be caught with a finger nail) and scuffs. If you've got a heavy scratch then you'll want to try Spot This our Spot On HD Polish 2 to remove heavier scuffs and scratches.


To use simply use mist the area with our spot on spray wax and wipe it clean. Then apply a dime size amount of our HD polish to a microfiber and rub back and forth to remove the scuff or scratched area. Small sections at a time are best and not larger than 6x6" area. This automotive polish will remove scuffs and scratches and leave a super high shine that you can then protect with one of our sealant.

If you've got questions then shoot us an email and we'll get right back to you.