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Spot On Polish for Mild Scuffing

Spot On Polish 1 is a mild paint cleaner that is truly the best automotive surface cleaner on the market that will NOT mark your molding with white residue if you accidentally hit it. This product will remove fingernail marks and minor scuffs and scratches from bumpers. If you've got a heavy scratch then you'll want to try Spot On HD Polish 2 to remove heavier scuffs and scratches.


To use simply use mist the area with spot on spray wax and wipe. Then apply a dime size amount of polish to a microfiber and rub back and forth to remove the scuff or scratched area. Do a small section at a time and not larger than 6x6". This automotive polish will remove minor scuffs and scratches and leave a super high shine that you can then protect with one of our sealants.


Then use either a microfiber, scrub brush, a scrubby or a detail brush to remove the stain. If it's a heavy stain then then let it sit a little longer before agitating. Don't be afraid to use this on clean headlights to rejuvenate shine and remove hairline scratches. This is not our headlight restoration product. If you need to rub this on black trim to remove scuffs then be sure to wipe it very well with a new damp microfiber immediately after to avoid any residue.

If you've got questions then shoot us an email and we'll get right back to you.

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