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Fort Myers Car Wash on McGregor Blvd



We love to wash cars and will greet you with a smile at our Ft Myers Car Wash. Spot On has just upgraded all of it's equipment to clean your vehicle more efficiently than ever before.


As you enter the wash you'll be covered in a high PH cleaning agent to clean your vehicle more efficiently with our super soft microfiber wash system.


Our new wheel brushes not only scrub the rims clean, but rinse away the grime as it's spinning to insure a super clean wheel. Immediately upon exit our wheel blasters spray off the balance of any dirt & grime.


Our 2nd pre-soak is a low ph to clean the areas that the high ph wasnt able to clean as the vehicle enters our brand new foam cleaning system. The foam wraps hug the outside of your vehicle from the bumper to the tail and have mirror sensors so that they can sense the mirrors as they spin.


Try the HOT WAX by simoniz and you'll quickly realize you've been missing the extra shine and slick feeling that it offers.


Our 2nd mitter will polish the HOT WAX into the paint of your vehicle before it enters our low ph drying agent. Low PH agents are more expensive, however they set the car up for exceptional water beading and allows the final rinse and dryers to push the water away easier so that you leave with a very dry car.


Give Spot On Car Wash a try today!




Before Cloudy Headlight Resotoration

How we polish the headlights

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