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Includes Any Applicable Taxes
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 Try the Spot On Lava Cleaning System for an incredibly clean car!

Wash Extras:


Remove All the Bugs - 5
Spot Removal from Mats - 10
Head Light Clean - Polish - Wax (removes mild haze, not a restoration) - 12
Mini Detail 59.95
Full Service Add 12 to Sedan, 15 to SUV or Minivan by Appt
Tire Dressing - 4
Lava Clean System $6.00
Best Car Wash Near Me For Myers

Spot On Car Wash & Auto Spa offers you the best Car Wash in Fort Myers & auto reconditioning in fort myers needs. The best car wash in town. Our goal is to greet you with a smile and to assist you in only the services that are needed to maintain the longevity, shine and safety of your vehicle. We want the opportunity to earn your business.


What many don't realize is that washing your vehicle is keeping the salt, diesel, acid and many other fall out contaminants off of your vehicle. The cleaner your vehicle, the better the shine and the longer it will last. Our wash equipment isn't just washing the topside, but also the underside that you don't typically see. Many think that when it rains it's the worst time to wash your vehicle. Next time it rains try it! Come and get a wash and then see how your vehicle looks after it rains. Keeping fall out off your vehicle finish will keep your paint silky smooth. When it rains It's actually one of the best times to clean your vehicle so that all of the fall out contaminants that pour down won't adhere to your vehicles finish. Plus, Spot On Car Wash & Auto Detail will happily re-wash your vehicle after it rains to keep your ride super clean & protected for FREE (within 24 hours)!


How does your finish feel? Is it silky smooth? It should be! When it's silky smooth this means that your finish is well cleaned, but is it protected? If not than check out Spot On's reconditioning & clay bar services.

If you're looking for a car wash near me in fort myers then you'll find Spot On Car Wash located north of Fort Myers Beach on McGregor blvd and just north of Gladiolus. It is the only automated car wash on McGregor blvd in lee county.

Our Car Wash in fort myers is located at:

15145 McGregor Blvd Fort Myers FL 33908


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