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Jan 08, 2020
In Get Started with Your Forum
Reflective Practice is an old concept which is further studied and researched. It is a modernized term for self-improvement. This concept is supported by various frameworks which makes the process of continuous progress effective. Reflective practice is a process for monitoring own views and actions. It plays an important role in personal and professional development. Reflective practice is considered one of the most important factor in personal growth. Many individuals consider it as a natural process or practice while other individuals adapt this process. It is a self-assessment which goes with learning, training, essay writing services progress and development. Reflective Practice is actually very important towards Continuous Professional Development. It helps at every stage of personal and professional life. This practice leads to self-development. It makes you analyze all the factors of past and future, and learn from it. It enables you to think about the major steps that can be taken to make things happen. You critically analyze your current position and situation and make you capable to think about the next stage. It is a great practice to access yourself or your organization, and at what stage you are standing. This gives you the idea to ponder about present and future


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