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Dirty RV Roof

RV reconditioning services and maintenance

Spot On Car Wash & Auto Spa specializes in RV reconditioning services in lee county. Do you have an RV that needs some TLC? Is your RV Located in the surrounding Fort Myers area? 

Come check out our corporate RV and we'll show you why were the best choice for cleaning & detailing your RV. RV detailing is quite unique and very different than auto detailing. From hazy fiberglass or a heavy drip lined clearcoat. There are some remediation techniques and cleaning techniques that will prevent your RV finish from being damaged when being cleaned. Often times cleaners will stain the side of an RV finish if incorrect procedures and or applications are used. From rust prevention and remediation, scratch removal, polishing of gel coat and paint, resealing your RV roof and all your hatches. Check us out today!

A little TLC now can save big $$$ later.


RV Roof Cleaning & Why it's important

RV roof cleaning in Fort Myers with the RIGHT products is essential in maintaining your RV in good shape and preventing unnecessary leaks. The cleaning not only allows the roof to aesthetically look better but the longevity of the roof is improved and you can see damage underneath that may need attention that wasn't previously able to be seen. Look at the hairline cracks after the roof was cleaned. You can damage and stain your sidewalls by using the wrong cleaning products or incorrectly using even the correct cleaning products.

RV Roof has been cleaned.

See Cracking that must be sealed

RV Detailing and Finish Correction

It's extremely important when cleaning your finish to make sure that the surface has been exfoliated (cleaned) properly before starting any rejuvenation to the finish. Take a look at both of the images below. The one on the left has been cleaned but exhibits several hard water spots. The one on the right has been cleaned, exfoliated and polished. The color difference alone is huge. Just applying a wax to the finish or even a cleaner wax will not remove the water spots.

Before Exfoliation
After Exfoliation
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