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Self Service Car Wash in Fort Myers
Self Service Boat Flush Fort Myers

About our Self Service Car Wash


Come check out our self service car wash in Fort Myers, FL. We are the ONLY self service car wash in Lee County that has attendants on staff at the car wash daily with set hours. We do our best to make sure that all of our car wash equipment is always up and running properly, maintained and full of product for a great car wash experience.

If you decide that you don't want to use the self serve car wash, we also have an automatic car wash at the same location. We'll clean your vehicle for you with a smile.

Spot On Car Wash has added boat flushes to our self service bays. Two of our bays will have boat flushes so that you can properly flush your marine motor. Many people that launch their boats at Punta Rassa know we are the closest and most convenient location, and we have the largest lot and ceiling height of 12' 3" for maneuverability of your boat around our lot. We are also avid boaters and can help with any cosmetic and cleaning questions that you may have.

$2.00 will start the self service bay with 4 minutes of wash time. You are able to add coins at any time during that period to keep the bays running.

If you're cleaning your jet skis then you may want to bring a hose quick release to make it easier to flush your jet skis. Often keeping this quick release on board or attached to the ski is a great idea.

Before Cloudy Headlight Resotoration

How we polish the headlights

Self Service Coin Vaccums Fort Myers
Self Service Vacuums Fort Myers
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